1. Who Are You, Where Are You Going?
Prepared Place For A Prepared People?
    3. What Else I Need But Peace
    4. Be Born Twice and Die Once
    5. So Near Yet So Far
    6. Cheer up, Rise up, Jesus is Calling you
    7. Encounter With The Risen Lord / While It Was Still Dark


    1. Attitudes That Matter - Irritation, Blame, Rationalization, Self-pity
    2. Character That Counts
    3. Faith is Seeing The Unseen
    4. Fear is Nothing More Than Faith in Devil
    5. Failure Behind Our Failures
    6. Won The Race Lost The Gold
    7. The Battle is His Victory is Mine
    8. The Power Of Prayer
    9. Faithfulness in Our Thoughts and Words
    10.Not Tomorrow, But Today
    11. No Room In The Inn
    12. Salt and Sunshine
    13. Father Forgive Them
    14. The Attitude of Gratitude
    15. Temptation - Source, System, and Strategy to Overcome it
    16. Finding God's Will and Decision Making
    17. A Firewood Christian    
    18. Present Pleasures or Painful Consequences
    19. Faithfulness in Money Matters
    20. Faithfulness in Our Motives and Actions


    1. Faith at the Baggage Claim
    2. Rebecca the Syndrome of Joy
    3. Female Turns Male At the Airport


    For Young Adults :

    1. God's View and His Will in Marriage
    2. How To Cool Your Sex Urge
    3. How To Choose Your Life Partner

    For Married Couples :

    1. A True Christian Home
    2. The Husband/Father as Family priest
    3. Faithful Relationship Between Husband & Wife
    4. Faithful Relationship Between Parents & Children
    5. Five Magic Words of Communication in Marriage
    6. Love Romance or Intimacy That Lasts in Marriage
    7. Suspicion The Giant Killer
    8. Ministering Family
    9. Serving God At The Cost of the Family?
    10. Sarah Died Abraham Cried
    11.Responsible Family Budgeting
    12. What Children Think About Parents?
    13. Courting Days to Court Days, Wedding Bells to Legal Bills, 
    14. Sex is More Than Physical Satisfaction


    1. The Role of a Pastor in Today's Church and Society
    2. Christian Care and Counseling
    3. Renewal Of The Church For Action
    4. The Church On Fire
    5. How to Know God's Call for Ministry? 
    6. Ecclesiology (T H E   D O C T R I N E   O F   T H E   C H U R C H)
    7. Faithfulness of Christian Minorities in the Dark Ages.


    1. Evangelism and Social Responsibilities
    2. Evangelism That Demands a Response
    (A Complete Course on Various Methods of Evangelism)

    3. Puppetry and The Art of Ventriloquism
    4. How To Plan a Sunday School Lesson?

    BIBLE STUDIES (Exegetical, Expository and Exhaustive)


    1.Jonah's Right Ticket to Wrong Place (A Leader Who Lost The Sense Of Direction)

    2.The Power And Authority of Nehemiah's Leadership
    3.The faith of Elijah - I Kings.18:41-46
    4.Daniel the Uncompromising Prime Minister
    5.The faithfulness of Moses to God's Call
    6.Elijah The Prayerful Overcomer(
S E C R E T   A N D   S T R E N G T H   O F   L E A D E R S H I P )    
    7.Ezekiel's Faithfulness Before a Rebellious Congregation. (
A Leader With Dramatic Vision Encounters)

    8.The Vulnerable But Victorious Character of Joseph
    9. Samson Played with His Anointing 
   10.David Inhaled The Flame of Passion


    1. The Synoptic Problem and The Solution
    2. A Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit. Lk.7:36-50
    3. Give The Boat Get The Fish - Luke.5:1-11
    4. Fourth Gospel - The Purpose
    5. First Witnesses - Jn.1:19-51
    6. First Miracle - Jn.2:1-11
    7. First Cleansing of the Temple - Jn.2:12-22
    8. First And Second Birth - Jn.2:23-3:16(
New Life, New Joy, New Hope)

    9. Face The Facts Of Life - Jn.4:7-30
    10. Faith That Saves - Jn.4:46-54
    11. Far Beyond Comprehension - Jn.5:1-17
(Faith With Obedience Brings Healing)    

    12. Feeding The Five Thousand - Jn.6:1-14( H O W   L I T T L E   I S   M U C H  ?)

    13. Fixing Our Eyes Upon Jesus - Jn.6:15-21
    14. First Born Of The Dead - Jn.20:1-18((While It  Was  Still  Dark))
    15. Fishers of Fish to Fishers of Men - Jn.21:1-17

    16. Jesus' Victory Over Temptation.


    Facts About Other Religions

    1. Pre-Aryan Indus Valley and Hinduism
    2.Worship and Sacrifices in the Temple
T H R E E    M A J O R    V E D A N T A S

    Women in the Bible

    1. Esther The Bold and the Beautiful Queen
    2. Hannah The Woman of Character