One of the foundational assumptions upon which the International Graduate School of Ministry is founded is that it will be a school with multiple locations. Rather than the traditional format with one large facility where all students attend classes, is designed to go to the students, to be easily accessible to those who desire to remain in local ministry, but at the same time upgrade their leadership skills through additional training. IGSM As one of our extension sites you are critical to the success of our training efforts. The experience and impressions of students who choose to come to your site are long lasting. It is that experience and those impressions that let them know whether we truly live our values or simply talk about them.

In addition, we know that many of the students coming to our school are very discouraged about their present ministry, and some are even considering the option of leaving their present church. The relationships developed with instructors, staff and fellow students at each extension site provide a genuine support base for these students. Simply being away from their church ministry for a few days allows them to rethink and evaluate their situation more objectively. At IGSM we want to provide not only information and strategies, but prayer and support that encourages all students. While our school environment is only a small part of all the issues these pastors are dealing with, we want to make that experience rich and meaningful. Sometimes just being good listeners is as important as providing specific guidance.

For those reason it is our desire that each of our extension sites truly express our mission, vision, values, etc. We want you to know not only what we do, but how we do it, and why we do it. We want you to be able to express the culture and the personality of the school in such a way that students “catch it.”

This manual is a step in that direction. You will find background material that should help you carry out the mechanics of our program as well as reflect our unique vision and culture.

While we will try to handle as much as we can administratively from our main office, there are many details that must be handled by our extension site personnel. This manual should clarify for you those responsibilities. Although we will be functioning from many different extension sites, we want the students to truly experience and sense one school; that just happens to be located at multiple sites.

Our greatest desire is that as you partner with us, you would be as blessed by the partnership as we are by the service you are providing for us. We stand ready to assist you in any way that we can.

Management and Organization

Two groups, the Executive Staff and the Board of Directors lead IGSM. In addition there is a Support Staff to facilitate the work of the Executive Staff. There are also two advisory groups in the United States who give significant input into the ministry of the school, the Pastoral Advisory Committee and the Academic Affairs Committee.

Executive Staff

The executive staff of IGSM includes the following:

            Officers at the IGSM headquarters in the United States—who supervise the entire operation of the school.

 ·         Vice-President for International Extension Sites—who supervises the operation of all international extension sites.

 ·         Host Pastor/Host Administrator—supervise the operation of the individual programs and classes at the host site.

Dr. Henry Klopp—President

Dr. Henry Klopp is the President of the IGSM. He has his Doctor of Ministry degree in the field of Church Growth and has done graduate work at both Fuller Theological Seminary and the California Graduate School of Theology. Dr. Klopp received his training for church consulting from the Charles E. Fuller Institute in Pasadena, California, and served as an associate consultant with them for eight years. He did part-time consulting with churches from 1981-1988 and full-time consulting from 1989-1998. Dr. Klopp has worked individually with over 100 churches representing nineteen different denominations throughout the United States. During that time he has also worked internationally, training and equipping pastors for ministry. Dr. Klopp has also helped start eight new churches in the Seattle area. Currently, he teaches seminary courses on Strategic Planning, Finance & Stewardship, Conflict Resolution, Church Reengineering and Evangelism. Before his consulting, Dr. Klopp served on staff at Overlake Christian Church as pastor of Evangelism and Outreach, and later, while consulting part-time he served as Pastoral Administrator at Eastside Foursquare Church in Kirkland, Washington. In 1998-1999 he served as Acting Chancellor for the Northwest Graduate School of Ministry in Kirkland, Washington.

Dr. Chandrakumar Manickam- International Vice President

Prof. Dr. Chandrakumar Manickam is the International Vice President of IGSM. He is responsible for the oversight of all international extension sites as well as sites in US and Canada that minister primararily to ethnic pastors and church leaders. He has a B.E Degree from Madras University; an A.M.I.E from the Institute of Engineers; a D.B.A Degree from Bangalore University; a B.D Degree from Serampur University; a D.W.D Diploma from Capital Computers; and a D.Min Degree from United Theological Seminary, U.S.A as well as course work at Dallas Theological Seminary, U.S.A. He speaks to thousands through Radio, TV and Print Media in 300 cities in about 62 nations worldwide. He is well known for his deep rooted ability to awaken social and spiritual conscious among the elite as well mediocre, the rich and the poor and the magnanimous and the malevolent through his motivational speeches , copious writings, and immaculate, impeccable and pragmatic approach to the socio- spiritual problems faced by the people.

He is also a freelance writer to many international magazines and the author of several books.  He has been chosen by the American Biographical Institute for distinguished standing and has been conferred with an honorary appointment to the Research Board of Advisors.  He has been currently honoured with the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini award for his outstanding contributions in literature and service to society.

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors governs IGSM. These Directors are men and women of character, who are passionately committed not only to Christ, but also to training and equipping those involved in part-time or full-time ministry. In addition, these board members see their role as making vision happen and ensuring that the necessary resources are there to accomplish that vision. It is expected that these board members will see their role as giving key guidance to IGSM and holding it accountable to accomplish what the vision entails.

Pastoral Advisory Committee

Since one of the founding principles of the school is that it meets the very real needs of pastors in local church settings, we feel it is critical that we have an Advisory Board made up of pastors from multiple denominations. The role of this Advisory Board is to give insight and advice making sure that the school stays focused and accomplishes its stated purposes.