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Prof. Rev. Dr. M. Chandrakumar                                       

B.E (Mech.), A.M.I.E, D.B.A, B.D, D.W.D, D.Min.

IGSM  Course Entrance Requirements

The description of the academic programmes is available in the IGSM introduction package. There is a great degree of flexibility built in so that the needs of people from all walks of life may be addressed. The following are some general guidelines given in order to understand who would qualify for which programme or course. Any further clarification in this regard should be addressed to the International Vice President.

1.  Advance Certificate Course

Any one without any school education can also do this to develop their Bible knowledge. They should have some involvement in the Lord’s ministry.

2.  Diploma in Church Ministry Course

Should have finished high school diploma or equivalent, should be involved in any type of ministry.

3.  Second Bachelor’s Degree B. Min

This is actually a postgraduate degree and the minimum qualification is any Bachelor’s degree from any university or Bible college.

If the person does not have any degree but if that person has been involved in any ministry for 3 years and right now in full-time ministry, he or she can be given an exemption to do this course.

4.  Master of Theological studies (M.T.S.)

Any one who has a Bachelor’s degree in Bible or theology and has at least 5 years ministry experience can take up this course.  

If any one has only a diploma in theology or a secular Master’s degree, but has more than 10 years ministry experience and at present if he is in full- time ministry, then he can be given an exemption to take up this M.T.S. course.

5.  Doctor of Ministry Course D. MIN

Any one, who has a Master’s degree in theology or ministry and has been in ministry for 10 years, can do this course. If any senior pastor or Christian leader has only a diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in theology but has been involved in ministry for more than 20 years and currently in full- time ministry can be given an exemption to do this course.