Date of Birth : 20th April 1953

Prof. Dr. Chandrakumar Manickam is well known for his deep-rooted ability to awaken social and spiritual conscious among the elite as well as mediocre, the rich and the poor and the magnanimous and the malevolent through his motivational speeches, copious writings, immaculate, impeccable and pragmatic approach to the socio-spiritual problems faced by the people.

Prof. Chandrakumar received his Doctorate in the U.S in Comparative Religion. He has obtained two Under-Graduate and two Post-Graduate Degrees in Engineering and Management and a Diploma in Web Design from Institutions in both the East and the Western World. He addresses huge gatherings and speaks to thousands through Radio, TV and the Print Media in over 60 nations Worldwide. He has an insatiable thirst and an irrepressible hunger for continued social interaction and in counseling people that are in the midst of despair and gloom with latent rays of hope for a better life.

He is also a freelance writer to many international magazines and the author of several books. He has been chosen by the American Biographical Institute for distinguished standing and has been conferred with an honorary appointment to the Research Board of Advisors. He has been currently honoured with the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini award for his outstanding contributions in literature and service to the society. He has also been awarded with other prestigious awards such as "Bharat Jyoti Award," "Jewel of India award," "Udyog Rattan award," and the " Life Time Achievement award ," Best Citizens  Award", "Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini  Award", "Devaram Award".


From June 1974 - till December 1982 he has been working as an engineer in various capacities in the following establishments: Ashok Leyland Limited, Gospel Recordings Association, Small Industries Service Institute (Govt. of India Undertaking), Sabson India Private Ltd, Visweshvaraya Iron & Steel Limited (Govt. of India Undertaking).

From December 1982 till date he has been traveling ten months in a year to 60 nations world wide, speaking in seminars and conferences on socio-economic developments, on AIDS awareness, on deliverance from drug addiction and on release from certain social evils and bondages. He has been an excellent counselor bringing many broken families together and several young people into the right path of life. His powerful prayers have brought healing and deliverance to the sick.

He is the author of the following twelve booksOvercoming Temptation,  Wedlock or Deadlock,  Which Way Lord,  Who are you?  Where are you going,  Faithfulness  in Our Day-to-Day LifeLeadership Insights from the Heroes of the Bible, The Seed of the woman, Dig into the BibleChange your Tomorrow by Your Action TodayAre you ready?  Enoch,   xercise spiritual authority. Overcoming Temptation is a highly practical book aimed at bringing a clear understanding of what is temptation and how we should handle it. Hundreds of young people have been greatly blessed and several have been delivered from the bondage of certain sinful habits after reading this book. The book Wedding Bells, clearly deals with God's will and view of marriage, divorce and re-marriage. Several broken families are united together as a result of this book. Who are you discusses rare topics like death and heaven. It deals with the identity of man and salvation. Which way Lord guides us to find God's will in our life. It says that our decisions determine our destiny. Fear is nothing more than faith in the evil. The book on the Second Coming of Christ is in Tamil and it deals with the latest world events and the Lord's coming. The book Faithfulness deals with faithful relationships in our private and public life.